Soft And Doughy Keto Cinnamon Rolls (Not Fathead)

These Keto Cinnamon Rolls are three years in the making. It was one of the first recipes we attempted when we launched our food blog in 2016, but all the trial and error has finally paid off! Say goodbye to fathead dough cinnamon rolls and hello to your new favorite dessert recipe.

Better Than Fathead Dough!

If you’ve ever searched for a low carb cinnamon roll then you know most, if not all, highly rated ones are made using fathead dough. While those will suffice any cinnamon roll craving we think it’s overused. Mozzarella cheese, cream cheese and almond flour should not be the main ingredients for cinnamon rolls! However, if you are a fan of fathead dough we have some great recipes you should try:

Fathead dough works great when you need to recreate you’re favorite high carb recipes, but we think you are doing yourself a disservice if you go the fathead route for cinnamon rolls!

Soft And Dense Dough

When I think about eating cinnamon rolls my mind goes to the days I would devour Cinnabon with my entire family. I expect the dough to be soft, yet dense. Slightly sweet and indulgent. Over the years of trying we always came away with hard or under cooked rolls so we couldn’t share those with you.

What makes this recipe the perfect dough is the combination of almond flour, coconut flour and ground flax meal. It may sound like a lot, but if you want the perfect cinnamon roll dough you have to go the extra mile! Using all three allows for the rolls to spread in the oven to give you the big, dense rolls you are used to eating.

Simple Cinnamon Filling

We kept the filling super simple for this cinnamon roll recipe. A little goes a long way when you’re working with cinnamon, sweetener and butter. If I were making these rolls for a family brunch or a bake sale I would double the filling recipe or even change up the spices. Pumpkin pie spice would be great for a fun fall twist on this recipe! If you like you’re rolls very sweet you can drop the liquid stevia and double the amount of erythritol in the filling!

Must Have Cream Cheese Frosting

Again, this frosting is another simple component to the recipe. When you have the perfect cinnamon rolls you want a simple topping to complement them like this frosting.

It’s easy to go wrong when making frosting. The two biggest mistakes I find people do is:

  1. Forget to use room temperature ingredients: if everything is too cold it won’t blend together in a smooth fashion, and if you have to microwave them you’ll get a saucy consistency.
  2. Use granular erythritol: unless you like your frosting grainy in texture you are definitely going to want to use powdered erythritol.

Tip: Don’t have powdered erythritol? Pulse some granular erythritol up in a coffee or spice grinder!

The Best Low Carb Cinnamon Rolls

When I’m making a low carb recipe to share with my non-keto friends and family or that I will soon be making for our son, Theo, I don’t want it to be jammed full of cheese and erythritol.

Cutting out all the cheese and cutting down on the use of erythritol by subbing it with liquid stevia makes this recipe more friendly for people not used to eating a keto diet. What makes this the best low carb cinnamon roll recipe is not only the ingredients and taste, but the minimal impact on your gut. If you don’t believe us give this recipe a try and comment below or tag us on Instagram to let us know what you really think!

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